The modern business world is a smorgasbord of opportunity in aiming to reach and attract new buyers to one’s business.

New lead generation tools, click tracking software, targeted ads and opt-in offers are a highly effective tool for the up to date business owner, and when used properly can be used to execute on a grand scale.

The ability to ‘get’ a new buyer has never been made easier, with options a-plenty to reach our ideal buyer in a matter of milliseconds at least, minutes at most.

But it is critical to remember that achieving an increased clientele base through these means is only half the game plan.

So many business owners get caught up in aiming to close sales by going out to those they’ve never interacted with before, pinpointing their problems, then elegantly presenting the solution.

Business 101, on the surface level – and absolutely a way to generate new business when done well.

But what so many of those business owners fail to remember is that one of the greatest resources of new business they have is sitting at their back doorstep.

It isn’t a new template to ensure their email list grows significantly in the next 48 hours, nor is it a new social media platform to begin farming their next wave of clients.

The resource has already been farmed – and it comes in the form of their existing clientele and community.

Where so many business owners continue to focus on where the grass is always greener, in the patches where the clients they want are hanging out, the most successful business owners understand and take action on the fact that the grass is actually greenest only where we water it.

Taking care of – and adding continuous value to – our existing community is one of the most sure-fire ways to generate a number of advantageous opportunities:

Referrals: On top of being the easiest sales to make, referred buyers are far more likely to buy, more often, and in larger amounts. When someone in our community of clients and followers tells one of their friends or family to move forward with us, it will only be because we have added such great value consistently to them in the first place. Sales numbers up – tick!

Ongoing Business: Your current buyers already have an experience of you that they approve of, and are therefore likely to continue on the path with you – if of course they are made to feel completely taken care of and served. We do this through continuing to solve problems for them in a way that would make them see it would be crazy to go anywhere else. By going over and above in watering the grass in your own backyard, it keeps your buyers around the campfire of your service and makes it easy for them to say yes. This is more than just giving them what they paid for. Surprise them, delight them, treat them like royalty. Sales numbers up – tick!

Leverage of Networks: This one is especially key – particularly because it’s an advantage not typically thought of when watering one’s own backyard. When we are taking care of our existing community and followers we are giving ourselves the leverage involved in giving first – when we give first, the ball is (in general terms) in our court to ask permission from those we have given value to, to reciprocate. How much we have permission to ask for of course is only ever relative to how much value we have added to begin with. This may be in the terms of requesting to consider joint venture partnerships or access to marketing lists for shared value to their community just to name a couple of examples. Sales numbers up – tick!

In the long term, these are only a few opportunities that present themselves by watering the grass in one’s own backyard.

There are many more and each unique business will experience these advantages differently. Chasing greener pastures by going out and attracting that new buyer is an effective part of any sales strategy and should be continued to be employed – however coupled with watering the grass in your own backyard the result is a well-rounded, sustainable and strong sales approach that will send your sales numbers steadily onwards and upwards.

Darcy J Smyth is the lead trainer of the Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales – a methodology that ensures you are firmly closing sales without the dreaded Hard Sell that turns so many buyers away in the modern business world.


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